• Rupo 2 U16C girls Winter 2018
  • Winter 2021 grand final day - U16D boys Premiers!!
  • U16B boys 2018/2019 season
  • Winter 2021 grand final day

The finals are here!

To players, parents, coaches and club members and spectators,

It is pleasing that our club is heavily represented in the current finals series. Importantly, apart from participation and success on court, it is essential that everybody associated with our club, (players, spectators, coaches, parents, friends, relatives and siblings) always exhibit respectful and sporting behaviour without exception.

Understandably, the level of anxiety in finals matches increases, which can potentially lead to emotions and behaviours running a bit beyond the norm. This was quite noticeable at all 3 stadiums throughout Saturday afternoon, with some unsavoury behaviours (on and off court) attracting the attention of club officials and SBA supervisors.

For the remainder of the finals series please be mindful of who we are representing and what examples we are setting for our kids and others. We all know right from wrong.

Thanks and regards

Committee of Rupertswood Basketball Club