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Cadbury chocolate fundraiser is back!

Each family should shortly receive a box of Cadbury fundraising chocolates to help raise funds so we can continue to keep your season fees at an affordable price.

As of this current Winter season, our registration fees have remained at $160 for the fourth consecutive season

At the moment the basketball club makes minimal on your fees as we are trying to keep it affordable for all.

Back in 2016 when we had our last fundraiser, we raised $2500 which helped keep the fees at $150 per player before we we’re forced to increase the fees to their current price due to a team sheet fee increase. Monies raised also goes towards our Annual General Meeting which incorporates a presentation as well.

What I’m asking each and every one of you is to help not only the basketball club, but yourselves as well, to sell the chocolates so we can keep your fees at $160 per season.

The cost of the chocolates is $50per box or $1 per chocolate.

Could you return all monies and any remaining chocolates back to the club by the week beginning 4th of June please.

The family that sells the most boxes will be awarded with a $100 Coles/Myer. Extra boxes will be available from Mandy if you want to sell more.

We the committee appreciate your support in helping out with this fundraising drive.

Kind Regards.

David Tweedly

President Rupertswood Basketball Club Inc.

Salesian College Sunbury Open Day

Be inspired.
Meet our teachers.
Take a guided tour with our students.
See the things that make our College different.

Join us on Wednesday 2 May for our first Open Day for 2018. Book your spot in one of our student led tours for the opportunity to see the College through their eyes.

Each tour will go for approximately one hour with a chance for questions afterwards.
Please register for one of the following tour times: 

  • 9:15am
  • 11:15am
  • 1:45pm
  • 4pm (please note that as this is the last tour of the day, it will be led by a staff member rather than a student)

NOTE: For catering and organisational purposes, we ask that you register for the total number of people that are planning to attend the Open Day tour.

We look forward to welcoming you to our College.


Location: Salesian College Sunbury, 1 Macedon Street, Sunbury, VIC 3429

FIBA Rule Changes 2017

Please find below a link to new rule changes that take effect immediately.

Please read through and click on the You Tube links to watch videos of interpretations of these new rules.

ALL PLAYERS will need to be aware of these new rules as they will be refereed by these new changes next Saturday.

Also these rules are implemented for those of you who play in the senior competition.



Code of Conduct reminder

This pledge comes from the Flight Path Program – Kids First codes of conduct but should also incorporate all basketball.

Please take the time to read.

Parents Pledge:

1. I will remember that children play sport for their enjoyment not yours.

2. I will encourage children to participate, do not force them.

3. I will focus on the child’s efforts and performance rather than winning or losing.
4. I will encourage children to always participate according to the rules.

5. I will never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake or losing a game.

6. I will remember that children learn best by example. Applaud good plays by all teams.

7. I will support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from sporting activities.

8. I will respect official’s decisions and teach children to do likewise.

9. I will show appreciation of coaches, officials and administrators. Without them your child could not participate.

10. I acknowledge that the consumption of alcohol and smoking is inappropriate at all junior games.

Please note – Failure to adhere to the code of conduct may result in the withdrawal or suspension of  your child’s registration with the FPP for a period of time.
FPP Coaches, umpires, officials, administrators and parents form the basketball community. It is  vital, for the betterment of junior sport, that we work together to provide the highest quality sporting environment for our children. “FPP Kids First” is designed to assist parents with the important role that they play in their child’s sporting experience.


Parents are encouraged to understand and promote the following:
• Sport for children will provide a solid base for later life.

• Be proud of your child’s attempts to compete.

• Children want to “play the game”.

• Promote the personal best philosophy – “do your best”

• Adults can give children two valuable assets:

1. The right example

2. The right attitude.

• Children like to win, but participation and enjoyment come first.

• Children are not little adults; let them play their game as a positive experience that will encourage them to a life-time involvement in sport.

• Support and applaud effort, discuss the game but never criticise.

• Display self-control – don’t embarrass your children or yourself.

• Support umpires and encourage players to accept their decisions.

• Above all, support an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment.

• After the game, speak briefly and rationally.

The FPP thanks you for your efforts to provide a healthy and positive sporting environment for our children.

Reminder about Code of Conduct

Message from the Club President David Tweedley:

It came to my attention yesterday that a few incidents had occurred at some of our games.

These incidents maybe isolated, but at no time does Rupertswood Basketball Club tolerate any of the behaviour that occurred yesterday.

Not only do these incidents look bad on yourselves, but it reflects badly on our club.

In future if you have an issue with either refereeing decisions, the way opposition players/coaches are conducting themselves or parent/spectators behaviour, please speak to your coach/team manager.

As you are all aware, approaching officials is not acceptable, especially as most are juniors themselves, so speak to your club delegates if you have any concerns.

Bad behaviour is not acceptable in junior sport and will not be tolerated at Rupertswood Basketball Club.

Photos for the website Gallery

Hi everyone,

Throughout the year, it would be good to keep our website up to date with photos from in and around the club. Events, clinics, games, juniors, seniors, coaches, parents, training, activities, etc. We would love to share what you and your team get up to on our Shark’s website.

If anyone has any photos they are happy to share, you can email them to Sharon at skyezak at bigpond dot com.

And as it’s nearing the end of the year when basketball takes a short break over the Christmas period, if anyone would like to share photos from their Christmas get-togethers for your team, please do so!

Remember to keep an eye on the Gallery section of our site, as photos are uploaded regularly.


Hoop Smart Basketball Camp : 25th September

Hoop Smart Basketball Camp: Sunbury

When: Monday Sept. 25th , 9:30am-3:00pm

Where: Boardman Stadium, Sunbury

What: Skills, drills, competitions, games, & prizes to be given away. The day will be jam-packed with hoops led by our experienced coaching staff! *Bring a basketball if you have one.

Who: All abilities welcome (Ages 6-12)

Cost: FREE!

To registerhttp://www.123contactform.com/form-1185049/Sunbury

Remember to check us out on Facebook as well: https://www.facebook.com/hoopsmartaustralia