• U16B boys 2018/2019 season
  • Winter 2021 grand final day
  • Rupo 2 U16C girls Winter 2018
  • Winter 2021 grand final day - U16D boys Premiers!!

Clubs expectations of players and parents


The Rupertswood Basketball Club would like to outline some expectations for both players and parents as to what is expected from you after a few issues over past few seasons and in moving forward to make Rupertswood a better club for all to enjoy:

  • We expect both players and parents to abide by the codes of conduct which can be found HERE on our website and when you have the opportunity please have a read.
  • Don’t approach the coach during a game and only approach your coach after the game in a positive manner, if you have concerns with your coach please speak to your team manager or speak to a committee person.
  • Be supportive of your coach and follow their instructions, not every coach is the next NBA coach but they volunteer their time every week to help you to not only improve your game skills but your personal skills as well and hopefully make you into a well-rounded human being.
  • Be supportive of your fellow players regardless of ability.
  • We expect you to bring enthusiasm to training and games.
  • A great attitude at all times
  • Teamwork is a must, there is no ‘I’ in team.
  • Leadership from everybody
  • Have fun and enjoy basketball – it’s not always about winning but about how you conduct yourselves and show sportsmanship.
  • Finally you’re not only representing Rupo Basketball and the SBA but you’re representing yourself and your family.