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  • Winter 2021 grand final day

Nominating to play in upcoming Summer 21/22 season

You are now able to log into PlayHQ and nominate either yourself or your child to play in the upcoming domestic Summer 21/22 season.

Make sure you select either Junior or Senior competition, whichever is relevant.

The link to register for Junior competition is https://www.playhq.com/basketball-victoria/register/8e7353/

The link to register for the Senior competition is https://www.playhq.com/basketball-victoria/register/d9813e/

Please note, if you haven’t already let the Club know you are wanting to play this next season, before registering on PlayHQ, please contact Doug Bell on 0418 535 751.

Club registration fees are separate to the PlayHQ annual fee which covers your insurance during training and whilst playing so it is mandatory to register as a player, coach or team manager on here (only players pay an annual fee).

I have just nominated for my son to play this season and it asks for you to pay the annual fee again. With all the Covid lockdowns and missed games, his membership is currently valid until January 2022 as Basketball Victoria have pushed the expiry date forward given all the games we’ve missed playing in the last year but you still have to renew the membership now to cover you right throughout the upcoming season. After making that payment, his membership has automatically added a further 12 months on and now expires January 2023. Just wanted to make sure people are aware so it doesn’t cause any confusion.

If you need any help with PlayHQ, please call or text me – Sharon Dale on 0409 231 157.

Let’s hope we can get the kids back onto the court very soon!