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Basketball is back!

After a long awaited absence due to Covid19, basketball is finally about to resume!

Training will commence on Monday 7th & Wednesday 9th December 2020 on the outdoor courts in Salesian College.

More information will be given to you shortly by your child’s coach.

Things will be a lot different this season for both training and games in regards to adhering to Covid19 rules.

At this stage no parents will be allowed to step onto a court at training or enter the stadium during training sessions and only one person can accompany a child to a game as each venue will have capped numbers.

The new Winter 2021 season will be an extended 22 game season commencing on 12th December, breaking over the Christmas period, then resuming in February 2021. Your coach will be able to give you information on season fees and payment options seeing this will be a larger than usual season.

Please note that for any player, team manager or coach to train or take a court during a game, they must have an active Basketball Victoria licence (insurance) which you pay for on PlayHQ (this is separate to the Club’s registration fees). Children’s licences are $25 per year and coaches and team managers are free but they still must register for a licence via PlayHQ.

We will shortly provide you with a link in PlayHQ where you will have to go into each child/team manager/coach and nominate for them to play in the upcoming Winter 2021 season but for now, please ensure that they are registered to participate for Rupertswood Basketball Club and have paid their annual fee that covers them for 365 days from when games resume in December 2020 ($25 for children, free for coaches and team manager) for a Basketball Victoria Licence (insurance).

If you already have paid for your licence previously, it will automatically expire in December 2021 given the season has been delayed due to Covid19.

We are going to need many volunteers this season to assist with adherence to Covid19 regulations during every game at every venue. All clubs must provide Bio Security Officers at each game to assist. To help share the load around each week, we would love for parents/family to complete a short 15 minute free online course and you will receive a Certificate of Acknowledgement that you are Covid19 trained. That way we can always have a BSO present at each game in each venue and not have to rely on just the Committee, Coaches and Team Managers to cover this role. It will be as simple as ensuring hand sanitiser is used, masks are worn and surfaces are wiped down, etc.

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page and this website for further details and your coaches will have more information shortly.

Get the kids up and about as they will need to be fit to play again!!